LB2 Studio was born from a passion for pattern design, colors and textures!
Art is no longer just admired, now it is wearable.
Inspired by ancient methods such as mosaic, LB2 Studio tries to safeguard know-hows that run the risk of being forgotten. Each motif is first designed, cut and assembled by hand. Then they are meticulously applied to garments.

At LB2 Studio, the fabric is knitted with combed Indian cotton. The characteristics of this natural fiber being limited, we decided to improve it. A desire for comfort, durability, and ease of maintenance, led us to the idea of adding spandex to the composition. No natural fiber can match its technicality and elasticity! Voluntarily chosen very thick (12 oz), this jersey will exceed all your expectations.
Borrowing from sports clothing characteristics, LB2 Studio offers you high-quality pieces with exceptional comfort.
We sincerely believe that ingenious clothes rely on, before anything, a comfortable fabric; one that resists the vicissitudes of life!

From knitting yarns to the final ornamentation, through dyeing, cutting, and sewing, our products are entirely made in Montreal. We are proud and pleased to put on the market genuine, 100% local products, and thus support and encourage the work of Montreal’s artisans.
Our prices are fair. They reflect the quality of the materials that we use, the precious people we work with and their good working conditions.

The brand offers three different styles that cater to men and women of all ages and tastes. Choose among unisex tees, cropped and oversized styles to wear alone or combined. All come with handmade designs in LB2 Studio creative signature style. Pick your most flattering cut and your favorite design to create your very own look!